NINOVE is proud to announce our partnership with Black Magic Women’s Cycling Team. Regarded as New Zealand’s leading women’s road set up; the team have led the way in the promotion of women’s cycling and nurtured some of our best up and coming cyclists. Looking to further build on their success of creating a pathway to professional racing, the team will target a national calendar in 2018 along with international racing in Australia and the US.Ultimately the aim is to see these riders then go on to the tier in women’s cycling and Olympic medal success.

The 2018 Team will be kitted out in the all new NINOVE racing technology. Distinctive in black and purple; the collaboration has a very NINOVE feel, layered in with the more traditional pink and blacks of the previous BMWC kits. The team have a branded racing kit and a more styled training kit. BMWC partnership with NINOVE goes beyond the bike. It is mutual desire to see more women out riding and really enjoying the kit they wear. Our aim is to build a community of cyclists that promote women’s cycling and showing what ‘girl power’ can achieve.

We look forward to a very successful year ahead and we would love for you to join us to build the women’s cycling movement.

Inspired with speed and style in mind; we designed a fabric combination for the hottest summers and the harshest winters. Marginal gains are everything in cycling but you must be able to still ‘ride’ this kit for hours on end.

We worked extensively with the BMWC Team on different fabric and chamois options to define the perfect kit that delivered ultimate comfort. We then set about designing a uniquely NINOVE look for the team working in with their previous kit editions. The new kit features bolt colour bands of pinks and purples against the distinctive blacks of New Zealand.

The result; a striking race kit that will have cut through on the world stage and a training kit to stand in New Zealand’s leading training environments.